Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 38 - Stalking

16 Sep - 22 Sep: Opening the Mind - Part 2

Q: What's the difference between a writer and a stalker? 
A: A notepad and pencil.

Quite frankly, the characters in my story are a little boring, at least physically, so I went looking for a bit of realness, that is, I went a-stalking (names have been changed to protect the innocent). These are unedited descriptions, lacking any real motion and unlikely to ever be used, but the idea is, well, to open my mind to observation (and to write it all down, of course).

Victim One:
His arms and feet waggle him forward, but his body stays still. Is there a block of wood under those clothes, or perhaps a block of ice with the body frozen within and only the limbs free to move?
Victim Two:
Huge, boxy head with a rug of woolly, rusty hair, fuzzy short beard, close-set thin eyes separated by a wide, flat nose.  Visiting from the Scottish Highlands or ogre in disguise?
Victim Three:
Young, petite part-Asian goddess with waist-length hair like an oil slick.  Full lips, a small, white scar on the left side of her top lip.  One eye slightly lower than the other, giving an illusion of mystical asymmetry.
Victim Four:
Blond bob, long around her jaws and shaved at the nape of her neck. Flat chest between narrow shoulders.  Denim shorts, the cheeks of a full ass giving way to solid, tanned legs.  Classic pear-shape.  Does she know she's outgrown those shorts?
Victim Five:
Paisley scarf wrapped around a bulb-like head and trailing down her boney back, fluttering like a palm frond as her sandals jut out in front of her and seem to jerk her along.  Cancer victim anxious about her appointment or die-hard hippy late for a public protest?
Victim Six:
Old guy, sartorially stylish. Prim moustache and precise side-part. Slips on a leather jacket and smiles easily at his lunch date (woman of the same age and elegance). He steps around the other patrons with the confidence and grace of an athlete. I suspect he is ex-CIA.
Okay, so now I'm off to the Thrift Shop to see what I can find there.... Happy stalking.

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