Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 21 - Back to Earth

20 May - 26 May: Random Thoughts

Sometimes I wish I could talk to strangers, and explain to them what I am thinking, why I wear that expression, and how our world could be a better place, if only....

Sometimes I wish I could hide from the world, from all the strangers that silently judge me, and from my own rash words that fail to say what I mean and leave me feeling more empty than if I'd said nothing at all.

Sometimes I wish I could sit down with a stranger and ask probing questions that would lead to the story of the century, or at least a good yarn, and even if it didn't, perhaps I'd learn something.

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever invent a group of characters so fascinating that others would want to read about them, because I am so rational and boring, and I am constantly amazed at how weird real people can be.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that not learning and practising what I learn is as much a part of learning as learning is.

Exercise 41.  This week, I will write a mission statement for something I am writing, I intend to write or I would like to write.  That is, I will explore what I would like to achieve through my story.  (Borrowed from 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark.)

Exercise 42. I will take out a story I have left unfinished and make myself finish it (as suggested by Joan Rosier-Jones in So You Want to Write).

This time next week I will be in transit, yet again, but I will look at Sentence Structure sometime during Week 22.

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